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We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us. What equipment would the perfect office have?

Not only gadgets and equipment, but also furniture, sound system, gaming stuff (for lunch time!). A designer is totally allowed to dream with the perfect office, and that's what we're gonna do here! Comment telling us your suggestions, or even better, you may tell us via Facebook or Twitter, and include "GenCept_Office" in the message, so we can check it. Alright? I hope you guys enjoy this brief selection. Cheers! ;)

Bamboo coat-stand

The Perfect Office #76

This coat-stand, with its plant like appearance has smart engineered plastic moulded hanging elements. The elements can be placed freely in hight and direction on the oak stick. The hanging elements are kept in place by the friction between the element, the oak stick and a loose silicon ring. Bamboo is available with one or three sticks. (at Design Spotter)

AMP FLIP USB Flash Drive

The Perfect Office #76

The FLIP is an easy to carry 4 or 8GB USB flash drive. Right at the top is a hinge for it to pivot open, so when it’s closed it’s well protected. The FLIP is said to be compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1 and work both on Mac and PC — pretty much anything with a female end. (at Crunch Gear)

Powertrekk Fuel Cell

The Perfect Office #76

We’ve been hearing about using fuel cells as batteries since fuel cells existed. So far, nothing too interesting has come out. But if you’re interested in getting in on the tech early, check out the Powertrekk. The Powertrekk is a fuel cell and rechargeable battery in one. Similar to those portable battery chargers, the Powertrekk can charge your devices over USB from energy stored either in the fuel cell or the battery. The battery also acts a buffer between the fuel cell and your device. Check out the video for more information. (atCrunch Gear)

Cooler Master Spawn Gaming Mouse

The Perfect Office #76

The new Cooler Master Spawn gaming mouse is equipped with a high-performance 3500 DPI sensor, highly accurate scroll wheel, and includes professional grade micro switches which can take up to 5 million clicks. The Spawn gaming mouse also features anti-drift control sensor, that provides lossless performance under mouse lift and drop, with a built in angle snapping option together with DPI switching between 800, 1800, and 3500. (at Geeky Gadgets)

Acer GN245HQ With HDMI 3D Support From NVIDIA

The Perfect Office #76

The new Acer display combines Full HD 3D imagery via HDMI 3D or DVI-DL (dual link) connectivity with NVIDIA 3D vision and comes complete with a pair of NVIDIA 3D glasses, featuring advanced active shutter 3D technology. The Acer GN245HQ has a 100 million:1 contrast ratio, Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 perfect for 1080p Full HD applications and a 16:9 aspect ratio, together with a 120Hz refresh rate, essential for creating the 3D effect and a 2ms response time. (at Geeky Gadgets)

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