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The wallpaper of this week is an image created by Diego L. Rodríguez called NAMAZU, a designer, digital artist and photographer from Spain but currently based in Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico. This artwork represents a personal visualization of this amazing catfish causing an earthquake. Is one of the multiple projects I have in mind representing creatures, symbols and techniques used by Japanese artists throughout the history. It's one of the illustrations created for slashThree's latest exhibition "Paradigm Shift".

The Japanese word Namazu refers to a giant catfish part of the Japanese mythology. Namazu was believed to cause earthquakes, and after the huge earthquake that struck Edo (Tokyo) in 1855, hundred of varieties of woodblock prints with this symbolic catfish appeared on the market (namazu-e).

Namazu is a cultural symbol; usually it symbolizes disorder and it has been used in social and political cartoons as a metaphor of major changes.

For more information about Diego Rodríguez visit his Web site at http://paranoidme.com/ or his Behance Profile at http://www.behance.net/caffeineapples. You can follow him on Twitter athttp://twitter.com/diegolrodriguez/ and slashTHREE at http://www.slashthree.com/profile/1945/

Abduzeedo's wallpaper of the week by Diego L. Rodríguez
Desktop Version

Abduzeedo's iPad wallpaper of the week by  Diego L. Rodríguez
iPad Version

Abduzeedo's iPhone wallpaper of the week by Diego L. Rodríguez
iPhone Version


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