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I was sure it was only a matter of time before Microsoft launches a full-touch mouse similar to Apple’s Magic Mouse. And the time has come – meet the Touch Mouse.

It’s not as compact as the Arc Touch Mouse, but supports various gestures thanks to its multi-touch capabilities.

The gestures are quite similar to those on the Apple’s pointing device – you can pinch-zoom, bring the desktop/task manager with three-finger scroll, move through different windows with two-finger gestures or use your thumb to go back/forward.

Here is a live video how it works:

The Touch Mouse sounds as cool as the Magic Mouse, but I hope Microsoft will do a better job than Apple. I’ve used the Magic Mouse for a while and despite its helpful gestures, it was terrible in recognizing the right-button click. In order to do it right, I had to rest only one of my fingers at time on the mouse, while the others had to stay in the air. Very inconvenient indeed.

Microsoft Touch Mouse is already available on pre-order for $80 and will be released in May. It will be compatible only with Windows 7 (and above) and comes with a standalone 2.4GHz USB receiver (sorry, no Bluetooth).

If you want to see more videos you can go to the official Microsoft Touch Mouse website. You’ll need Silverlight though.

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