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There’s nothing like a good ten-minute video of one of our favorite supercars doing some laps around Monza to kick-off the new year on a rev-piercing note.

Courtesy of Marchettino, this video features a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 running around in it’s natural habitat: a race track free of speed limits, traffic lights, and radar guns. Free from everything that could inhibit its glorious power, the Murcielago lets loose around the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy, showcasing that ear-splitting power like only a Murcielago can. The sound that comes out of the pouncing Lamborghini supercar is music to our ears, one that we highly suggest you give a listen to as well.

We’re not going to see a whole lot more of these babies considering that Lamborghini has officially discontinued the model with a successor – the Aventador LP700-4 – already in the works. So consider this a swan song for one of our favorite supercar models of all time. It’s a good ten minutes with the Murcielago LP640 to kick-off 2011.

Turn up the speakers and enjoy the video!

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