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Every time a new Transformers movie is being made, we can pretty much expect director Michael Bay to have a couple of new toys added to the cast of robots already present in the movie.

For the third installment of the blockbuster franchise, Bay went out of his way to have a few stock cars in the flick, dressed in NASCAR livery and packing some serious ammunition. All in all, three NASCAR racers have been added to the movie, although there have been conflicting reports with regards to which side of the fence they belong on.

Some folks have been led to believe that the NASCAR-dressed Chevrolet Impalas would be on the Decepticon’s side playing the role of the Stunticons, three psychotic robots that form together to create the Menasor. On the flip side, recent rumors have surfaced that the three robots are Autobots and will be called the Wreckers.

Wherever their allegiances lie, we’re nevertheless excited to see some NASCAR representation in the movie. We’re not sure how the racing series is going to take it - especially if these three end up being Decepticons - but we’re pretty sure that they’re happy getting the free publicity.

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