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Dutch manufacturer, Savage, has been hard at work the past couple of years working on their 4-door "topless on demand" supercar, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS. The first prototype version was released back in 2008 with a production model envisioned for 2009. Now, two years after the planned debut, Savage has finished their unique supercar and will be debuting it at the Top Marques Monaco, starting April 14, 2011.

The Rivale Roadyacht GTS is the result of the wild imagination of three men who believe that every dream should come true. Their dream turned out to be a limited edition supercar with only 20 units and in only three exterior colors.

According to Savage this will be the only 4 door "topless on demand" supercar in the world. It combines a "bad-boy" exterior design aspect with an interior inspired by the yachting world. With a 670 HP V8 engine under the hood, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, while top speed goes up to an impressive 205 mph.

Exterior and Interior
The Roadyacht GTS is built on a molybdenum chassis combined with carbon body panels. It combines an aggressive cut front end with a wide muscular rear end. The interior combines carbon fiber, aluminum, and Alcantara. The seats are made of carbon fiber and are fully electric with heating and memory, and the dashboard features a Touchscreen controlled interface. And if a normal supercar isn;t what you are in the mood for then you can always opt for the champagne cooler and digital music center. Other options include an anti-theft sec5 system and a custom keyless entry built-in watch.

There will be three exterior colors offered: Wildfire Orange, Waterline White, and Gunmetal Gray.

The Engine
Under the hood, the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS gets a 6.2 liter V8 engine that delivers an impressive 670 HP at 6200 rpm and a peak torque of 538 lbs-ft at 4800 rpm. Combined with an automatic transmission, the engine has a fuel consumption of only 9.4 liter per 62 miles, and will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, while top speed goes up to an impressive 205 mph.

Other specs for the vehicle include a double wishbone suspension for the front and the rear, an eight piston monobloc 380mm two piece brake disc for the front, and a four piston monobloc 355mm two piece brake disc.

Prices for the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS have not been released as of yet, but we are sure that this 20 unit limited edition model will come with a hefty price tag. Last year, JamesList had a listing for preorders of the car and the listing price at the time was €411,750 (or about $547,000 at the current rates). We can only imagine the price will fluctuate a bit, but if anyone is interested in the car then this price could serve as a good base.

The Competition
Lucky for Savage, the Rivale Roadyacht GTS is the only 4 door "topless on demand" supercar in the world so the competition is a little weak. So far, we haven’t found a car out there that could compete. Yet.

We’ll find out the rest of the details at the Top Marques Monaco in April!

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