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YouTube is looking back at the most popular videos of this year. Parodies won out at the end but at the 10th spot is one of Ken Block’s ludicrous driving videos, which got our tech-geek hearts’ beating. Looking solely at the tech section, the Apple iPad was among the fastest rising search terms this year...

Over at the YouTube Trends blog, they’re breaking down the top trends of 2010 – the Top 10 Technology video post isn’t up yet unfortunately, but YouTube Trends will be posting breakdowns into various categories over the next 12 days.

A look at the YouTube Charts for the last month however will give you a good idea of what has viewers excited.

Holding the top spot is a video of a cool Microsoft Kinect hack – actually, the Kinect shows up quite often on the chart, but interestingly it’s all about the hacks. 3D video capture, Kinect as Nintendo controller, as Windows 7 controller and so on, but there’s not a single video of a Kinect Xbox game in the top 20.

A BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad video places second – that and the exploding popularity of the iPad since April means it will probably be one of the overall winners in the yearly tech section (it was number one on Twitter).

Anyway, going down the list, there’s the Sony Ericsson Zeus – the PSP Android phone – coming in third and the recently introduced Google Nexus S places 6th and there’s the Android 2.3 Gingerbread video further down.

The Nokia Pocket Dance also proved quite popular this month and there’s a bunch of generally geeky videos as well (a Lego replica of the Antikythera Mechanism, Star Trek style doo, slingshot with a laser sight).

Here are the most popular YouTube videos, all mashed together in under a minute and a half. How many can you recognize?

Anyway, check out the list here and keep an eye on the YouTube Trends blog, they should be releasing the Top 10 list of tech videos for the whole year in the coming days. Also check out YouTube’s Year in review for most watched videos including a timeline of popularity.


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