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We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us. What equipment would the perfect office have?

Not only gadgets and equipment, but also furniture, sound system, gaming stuff (for lunch time!). A designer is totally allowed to dream with the perfect office, and that's what we're gonna do here! Comment telling us your suggestions, or even better, you may tell us via Facebook or Twitter, and include "GenCept_Office" in the message, so we can check it. Alright? I hope you guys enjoy this brief selection. Cheers! ;)

Uranium Soap

The Perfect Office #66

Radio activate your day in the most environmentally friendly, organic way!
When you use the Uranium Glow In The Dark Periodic Table Soap you will be in your element every day. (at 7 Gadgets)

Sticky Tape Dispenser

The Perfect Office #66
The Perfect Office #66

The Sticky Tape Dispenser hides your sticky tape in what appears to be a tape measure case. It looks metal but is made of durable ABS plastic and has an authentic sliding access clip/belt hook. It's the toughest, most usable tape dispenser around and even comes with a roll of tape inside, ready for your wrapping needs. Most importantly, it tricks the Fae into not noticing it. In cases of extremely observant Fae, you may want to clip the Sticky Tape Dispenser to your belt permanently. Besides, you never know when you'll need tape. Best be prepared. (at ThinkGeek)

The Union Street DSLR Camera Bag

The Perfect Office #66
The Perfect Office #66

A stylish alternative to the dull regular camera bag, The Union Street bag for men by Ona Bags is a hand-made canvas bag infused with wax to enhance it's durability. The bag is designed to hold all your items; in addition to the camera it holds a 15" laptop, up to 3 lenses or small accessories and personal items. The interior is lined with protective padding and 5 customizable dividers. (at Holy Cool)

Tron USB Drives

The Perfect Office #66

Awesome Tron USB Drives in old and new styles. Choose yours. (at Papel Pop)

Multi-Card SD And MicroSD Readers From Elecom

The Perfect Office #66

These little gadgets are… very practical. I’m surprised this kind of thing isn’t more common. Basically you’ve just got one doodad with room for multiple cards of the same type. So if you need to duplicate or transfer files from one to the other, no middle step, you just plug ‘em both in to the USB thing and boom, you’re copying.

This would be handy for photographers and people who do a lot of hacking with their phones. I constantly have to trade data between MicroSD cards, and while I don’t often have to copy from one SD to another, I’d definitely welcome the ability to do so.

Both these little adapters are from Elecom; you can get the multi-SD reader here and the MicroSD thing… well, I don’t know. I can’t find it for some reason. Oh well, if you’re pumped about it, you’ll find it somehow. (atCrunch Gear)

The iPhone Video Projector

The Perfect Office #66

This is the device that projects videos from an iPhone. The LED-illuminated projection system provides 557 x 234 resolution with its 4:3 native aspect ratio, projecting videos on a screen or wall up to 110? diagonally from as close as 20? up to 18? away. Playing audio through an integrated sound system, its two 3-watt titanium drivers integrate with the on-board dual 7-watt amplifiers to produce crisp, robust sound. It can also display videos at 16:9 aspect ratio–the same used by high definition televisions. (at 7 Gadgets)

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