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Infinity Blade – an action RPG game with killer graphics developed specifically for iOS – is rolling out to iTunes stores (it just hit the US store, for instance) and I took it for a quick spin. It really delivers in the graphics department but you might want to play it on the iPad instead of an iPhone...

The player takes control of a knight with a long, sharp sword that takes on evil Titans. During sword fights you have pretty good control of how your knight wields the sword – he will swing his sword in the direction you swipe and as the game goes on you’ll learn combos, which are more efficient and do more damage.

The typical RPG elements are included – upgrading your gear, learning skills and spells and looting for items. In between battles though controls are quite limited – you tap on circle that marks a possible action and watch a cut scene of your character going there.

Still, the battles are pretty good – you’ll soon learn that swiping one way over and over again is not the way to go. The correct swing at the correct time, followed by a block is essential to surviving – those titans are really huge and intimidating.

Infinity Blade features a single player campaign and once you get good enough of the single-player action, you can jump into the Game Center and find other people to battle online. The game uses the Unreal 3 engine to render its impressive graphics and runs very smoothly (at least on the iPhone 4).

Infinity Blade costs $5.99 and weighs in at 318MB – it’s available for the iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen) and the iPad (even older iOS 3.2). The iPad may be the best option – the graphics is too good for a small 3.5” screen and you’ll need plenty of room for swiping more complicated attack patterns and combos.

Here’s the game’s trailer if you’re still not convinced:


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