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Our Environment is a delicately balanced system in which each entity is connected with the other or a purpose and for mutual survival of each species. When this delicate balance shifts nature reacts by making the life difficult for all life forms; including us the human beings. Going easy on environment and non-replenishable energy sources is of utmost importance today as the balance of nature is increasingly taking a negative turn which if not checked in time will lead to total cataclysmic results. The mantra for taking care of the planet is to live lightly by causing minimal impact on its delicate balancing systems.

And Man created the plastic bag and the tin and aluminum can and the cellophane wrapper and the paper plate, and this was good because Man could then take his automobile and buy all his food in one place and He could save that which was good to eat in the refrigerator and throw away that which had no further use. And soon the earth was covered with plastic bags and aluminum cans and paper plates and disposable bottles and there was nowhere to sit down or walk, and Man shook his head and cried: “Look at this Godawful mess.” – Art Buchwald

So lets Go Green this Holiday season by watching these ads and getting design inspiration and some environment conservation ideas.

BMW Hydrogen 7 Advertisement

IBM Go Green Ad series

IBM Green Data Center Man Commercial

Solon Solar Energy Commercial

Toyota 2010 Prius Commercials

Epuron Wind Energy Commercial

One of the most creative advertisements I have seen. You will recognize the personality who is portrayed in the commercial only at the very near end of the clip and when it dawned in to my mind it automatically created a huge grin and a genuine respect towards the creators of this fantastic commercial.

(to be continued... in Part-2)


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